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ACL / PCL Repair Surgery

Dr AK Sethi is one of the best Arthroscopic Surgeon in Manesar Gurgaon for any kind of ACL or PCL Surgery. ACL or PCL injuries occur due to trauma or injury usually in a sports or fitness activity. The ligament gets stretched and tears either partially or completely when the foot is firmly planted and the knee locks, twists or pivots at the same time. This commonly occurs in sports like basketball, football, soccer, and gymnastics, where a sudden change in direction stresses and damages the ligament. Women are more prone to ACL and PCL injuries than men because of different anatomy.

If the knee ligament tears, this is a knee dislocation. Ligaments can possibly heal on their own, but multi-ligament tears will need medical assistance if a person wants to fully heal from this knee disorder.

Our doctor will give you a physical exam. If your knee is very tense and swollen with blood, the doctor may use a needle to drain it. You may need X-rays to make sure you donít have a broken bone, as well as an MRI to check on any ligament injuries. MRI should be done once the swelling from the injury has subsided. MRI is the gold standard for diagnosing Ligament injuries like ACL or PCL. However not all radiologists are able to correctly diagnose the quantum of the injury so it is always the best option to get a CD of the MRI Scan so that our specialists can have a look at the images from the CD.

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Indications For ACL/PCL Surgery

One must not rush into surgery after an ACL or PCL Injury. Unless there is a complete tear of the ligament one must try the conservative treatment for 1-2 months before deciding on the surgery. However in cases of complete tear, surgery is the best option once the swelling has subsided. Patient's requirements from the joint after the injury has healed will be a deciding factor. At our sports injury hospitals in Manesar and Gurgaon our orthopedic surgeons will explain you and help you in taking important decisions regarding the surgery. In India and metro cities like Delhi and Gurgaon, the arthroscopic repair of ACL / PCL is available at very few hospitals. Most of the orthopaedic surgeons have moved in the domain of knee replacement and therefore finding a good arthroscopic surgeon is very difficutl. Apart from Dr AK Sethi, Dr Debashish and Dr Praveen Tittal are the other big names who specialize in all kinds of arthroscopic surgeries of knee, shoulder and hip joint at Manesar, Gurgaon.

Non-surgical treatment may be appropriate for patients who are less active, do not participate in activities that require running, jumping or pivoting, and are interested in physical therapy to regain range of motion and strength to match the uninjured leg.

In most of the cases an implant is used to anchor the torn ligament to the bone. We use only the FDA approved implants for this surgery.

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Cost Of ACL/PCL Surgery In India

The cost of ACL repair surgery at our Manesar Hospital would be in the range of Rs. 1,25,000 - 1,70,000 depending upon the room category and the type of implant which is used in the surgery. The cost of PCL repair surgery in Manesar would be in the range of Rs. 1,50,000 - 2,00,000 depending on the same factors as mentioned above. In most cases there is more than one ligament which needs repair and in such cases the price will be a combination of the price for each ligament but would be lesser than the sum total of both the ligament surgeries. The price of surgery can be lowered by choosing a lower category of room in the hospital because the hospital stay is only one day and most of the day would be spent either in the surgery or pre and post recovery area.

Physical therapy is the mainstay of rehabilitation regardless of whether or not a surgery is performed. This is the best way to get rid of initial pain. Rehabilitation and return to normal function after surgical repair of an ACL tear can take between 3-6 months for full recovery. A balance between things to do and those not to be done has to be kept for maximum recovery and muscle strengthening. After the surgery our rehab team in Manesar is in constant touch with the patient through video calls to make sure that proper rehab is taking place back home.


Why Us

A good hospital needs to have qualified doctors with good experience. Most of the hospitals in the vicinity offer services of doctors who either do not have proper qualifications or do not possess requisite experience. We do not claim to be a tertiary care hospital providing services across all the streams of medicine and surgery but whatever service you get at Yashlok Hospital are first class in terms of quality.

Technology at our Disposal

We are probably the only hospital which has an inhouse Ultrasound and Colour Doppler facility. The hospital has state of art Digital X-Ray, ECG, Pathology Lab, Dental Centre, Physiotherapy Centre and Inhouse Pharmacy. The operating room at the hospital has the deployment of cutting edge technology which gives us the confidence of doing the most complex of the surgeries with relative ease.

Serving with Compassion

Healthcare is a very different stream from any other service industry. People come to us only when they are in a problem which they are not able to understand. All our team members are thoroughly trained to provide the medical care with highest ethical standards and with compassion and empathy. The entire care programme is designed keeping the centricity of the patient in mind.


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