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Knee Replacement Surgery In India

A total knee replacement is a surgical procedure whereby the diseased knee joint is replaced with Titanium Implant. Total Knee Replacement is actually a surface replacement surgery, as only the top 8 mm covering of the knee is changed and not the entire knee as the name of the surgery suggests. The surgery is now being done at more than 100 centres in India with very good results.

Knee replacement surgery, which can take 1 to 2 hours, has become so precise that doctors can choose from a variety of knee designs that suit your height, weight, and activity level. The implants, as they are called, are made from a variety of materials, including metal, ceramic, or plastic. They are built in such a manner so that they can provide the best range of movement. Some implants are made just for women -- to closely match their anatomy.

In Knee replacement surgery, the surgeon removes the damaged joint lining and replaces the joint surfaces with a metal and plastic implant that functions similar to a normal knee. A lot of patients keep suffering from knee joint pain caused by advanced arthritis due to fear in the mind that their condition may become worse after the surgery. This is due to the experience of some patients who get the surgery done by untrained surgeons. At the hands of experienced surgeons who are now more than 300 in India, this is a fairly simple surgery with excellent results. One must not wait for the knee to deteriorate so much that the patient is unable to walk at all before going for the surgery. The best time to get this surgery done is when the patient is still walking even though with pain. In such cases the results of the surgery would be the best.

best doctor for knee replacement surgery in manesar, best hospital for knee replacement surgery in manesar, cost of knee replacement surgery in manesar

Candidate For Knee Replacement

Patients having degenerative knee due to arthritis or any other reason are ideal candidates for Total Knee Replacement. The knee joint arthritis is classified into 5 grades and the best time to get this surgery is when the disease is around grade 3. When the pain is felt even while lying down on the bed or sitting on a chair, it is time to consult a best knee joint replacement surgeon and getting ready for the surgery. Best time to do the surgery is when the patient is still able to walk and is not immobile. Therefore the surgery should not be postponed for a long time as other complications like Diabetes and Hypertension may also adversely affect the best results of the surgery.

A common artificial knee design replaces the PCL (posterior cruciate ligament), located in the back of the knee. Another replaces the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament). Some artificial knees are designed for partial knee replacement, while others are built to keep the PCL and ACL right where they are.

Our Knee Replacement Surgeons have been trained at some of the best centres in India, USA and Germany for doing Knee Replacement Surgery using Computer Navigation Technique. Only 20% patient who are in advanced stage of osteoarthritis have to undergo surgery and others can benefit by physiotherapy and medications. Even though the surgery takes only 2-3 hours for both the knees the entire process is about 2 months long. Each patient who comes to us for surgery get a thorough evaluation followed by X-Rays and evaluation by the physical therapy team. Post Surgery a comprehensive rehab programme is designed and the patient is put under the care of the physiotherapy team.

best doctor for knee replacement surgery in manesar, best hospital for knee replacement surgery in manesar, cost of knee replacement surgery in manesar

Best Doctor and Cost

Dr AK Sethi has more than 40 years of experience in the field of Orthopaedics and Joint Replacement. He is considered as one of the best knee replacement surgeon in Manesar and Gurgaon. The cost of Single Knee Replacement Surgery using the FDA approved imported implants would be Rs. 1,65,000 and the cost of Surgery for replacing both the knees would be Rs. 3,20,000 with 5 days of stay in the hospital and 10 days of stay in a hotel in Manesar. The stitches would be removed on the 15th day after the surgery and then you can return home.

The patients get on their feet within 24 hours of the surgery. The physical therapy team starts physiotherapy and exercises during the hospitalization itself in order to achieve the best results from the surgery. The Physiotherapy continues at home till the stay of the patient in Manesar which is till the time the stitches are removed. The exercises continue for 45 days and in the best case scenario the patient is able to get rid of the walker within 15 days of the surgery. A lot of hospitals do not emphasize the role of physiotherapy in obtaining best results from the surgery and so the patients ignore this important aspect which can sometimes have disastrous results. You have got the surgery done so that you can walk without any pain and in order to achieve this goal you should walk more and more after the surgery. With every passing day your intensity should increase and you would be able to do more activity without any discomfort. Muscle Strengthening will go a long way in making your surgery successful.

Why Us

A good hospital needs to have qualified doctors with good experience. Most of the hospitals in the vicinity offer services of doctors who either do not have proper qualifications or do not possess requisite experience. We do not claim to be a tertiary care hospital providing services across all the streams of medicine and surgery but whatever service you get at Yashlok Hospital are first class in terms of quality.

Technology at our Disposal

We are probably the only hospital which has an inhouse Ultrasound and Colour Doppler facility. The hospital has state of art Digital X-Ray, ECG, Pathology Lab, Dental Centre, Physiotherapy Centre and Inhouse Pharmacy. The operating room at the hospital has the deployment of cutting edge technology which gives us the confidence of doing the most complex of the surgeries with relative ease.

Serving with Compassion

Healthcare is a very different stream from any other service industry. People come to us only when they are in a problem which they are not able to understand. All our team members are thoroughly trained to provide the medical care with highest ethical standards and with compassion and empathy. The entire care programme is designed keeping the centricity of the patient in mind.


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