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Role of Path Lab

Pathological Laboratory is one of the most important department in any hospital. Human body is made of different organs which work in sync to keep you going. If there is a problem in any of the organ then its functioning gets impaired. This malfunctioning of the organ is reflected in the values of the various blood and urine tests. If there is any change in the shape, size or echotexture of the organ then it would be detected through imaging but any adverse change in the functioning of the organ is detected through tests done in the pathological laboratory. Normally the functioning of the organ gets impaired before any physical changes in the organ and therefore the importance of pathological tests cannot be overstated. The accuracy of the test results is extremely important as the diagnosis made by the doctor depends on the history, clinical examination and the values of the tests received form the lab.

best laboratory for blood tests in gurgaon, best nabl lab for blood tests in gurgaon, accurate blood test reports in gurgaon

Pathological Tests

Human body maintains a perfect balance between the various chemicals, hormones and other components of the blood. The original components of the blood include Red Blood Cells, White Blood Cells, Platelets and Plasma. If there is any problem in the body then the values of these components gets deranged and gives a very good idea to the treating doctor about what is happening inside your body. The other things found in your blood come through the food that we eat or are produced by the organs. The glands in the body produce hormones which determine our actions. Chemicals like Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Phosphorus are all maintained in a perfect balance by a healthy body. Fuctions of key organs of the body like Liver, Kidney and Thyroid are measured through the Function Tests like Liver Function, Kidney Function and Thyroid Function Tests. The values of the hormonal tests indicate the improper functioning of the glands.

best laboratory for blood tests in gurgaon, best nabl lab for blood tests in gurgaon, accurate blood test reports in gurgaon

Equipments in the Lab

The Laboratory at Yashlok Hospital is equipped with Haemoanalyser to perform the most basic of all tests - Complete Blood Count. This test can be done within 5 minutes with the fully automatic analyzer at the hospital and gives very important information in the diagnosis of virtually every disease. The Biochemistry Analyzer performs more than 100 tests giving the values of different chemicals in the blood. All kinds of viruses present in the body can be tested through the immuno-essays analyzer including the Covid-19 RT PCR test. The electrolyte analyzer performs tests on Sodium, Potassium and Calcium levels in the blood. Patients admitted in the ICU need to be evaluated for the levels of Gases in the blood and this test is done on Blood Gas Analyzer. The cost of any particular test is determined by the cost of the reagents used in the test. Every test has a different reagent which is priced differently and therefore the prices of more than 4000 blood and urine tests vary significantly.


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